Scope of the project

The object of the specific proposal is the development of a methodology for selecting spawners of fish based on the efficiency they demonstrate in their diet. A combination of technical and methodological approaches will be used to develop the new methodology:

a) classical quantitative genetic selection techniques based on phenotypic growth characteristics of farmed fish

b) new biochemical indicators indicative of changes made in fish by the consumption of rations of different composition

c) candidate genes and molecular markers significantly related to the rate of conversion of diets of different composition


Objective – Expected results

The successful implementation of the proposal will lead to:

  1. Development of a methodology for the targeted selection of candidate fish breeders in terms of effective feed conversion using synthetic selection markers after genetic evaluation with a classic polygenic model of genetic evaluation
  2. Emergence of biochemical parameters as reliable early detection indicators of degraded fish nutritional status
  3. Selection of fry that can be used as broodstock and which show more efficient conversion of diets high in plant ingredients
  4. Detection of any mutations in genes and/or new molecular markers significantly related to the conversion rate of fish feed of different composition
  5. Development of gene-genomic selection methodology

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